Apex Legends Season 11 Patch Notes Show Some Much-Needed Love For Wattson


Apex Legends Season 11 Patch Notes Show Some Much-Needed Love For Wattson

Wattson has needed a boost in utility for a few seasons now, so it’s great to see her be the focus of Apex Legends Escape’s update.

I Found Her Patch Notes Early!!!

I Found Her Patch Notes Early!!!

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Master Guide For Learning Wattson NOOB To PRO Tips On Apex Legends Season 11

This is the ultimate Wattson guide for Apex Legends. I know this guide is really long, but trust me, lots of tips, information, and highly educational. Made sure to change it up with more gameplay teaching moments and really taking it to the next level. Even outside of Season 11 will this guide hold up to teaching those new to Wattson but also how to up your game to become more of a pro player. I have played competitively as Wattson when she was meta, and it has been quite some time. But it is okay, because she is going to make a come back! The world of Squid Game is filled with tension and mind-bending games. Now you can step into that world and test your wits with Squid games.

THIS IS – Master Guide For Learning Wattson NOOB To PRO Tips On Apex Legends Season 11


00:00 Wattson Master Guide Intro
00:37 Wattson & Storm point
01:48 How To Fence A Building & Place Your Ultimate
09:05 How To Fence More Unique Building As Wattson
09:57 More Wattson Tips & What We Will Cover As Wattson
14:39 How To Fence A Choke Point As Wattson
17:17 How To Fence Off A Door Way Choke Point As Wattson
23:57 How To Play Aggressive Wattson
24:56 Wattson Passive Healing
25:25 How To Fence Off Gravity Cannons
25:53 How To Create Space & Hold
28:31 Where To Place Wattson’s Ultimate, Fencing, & Utility Usage
29:03 Wattson Ultimate Ability Guide
30:04 Wattson’s Ultimate & Grenades
31:46 Where To Place Wattson’s Ultimate
34:43 Fencing Off A Building Effectively
36:59 Wattson’s Best Fencing Pattern
39:12 Wattson Fences While Being Chased Gameplay Teaching Moment
39:47 Aggressive Wattson Ultimate Placement Gameplay Teaching Moment
40:16 Aggressive Wattson Gameplay #1 Teaching Moment
40:45 Aggressive Wattson Gameplay #2 Teaching Moment
42:09 Wattson Offensive Ultimate Tips
44:53 Wattson & Tips With Other Legends Counters & Synergy

Prior Wattson Guide – https://youtu.be/QJHX-ZFi5q4
Educational Wattson Guide – https://youtu.be/yRRuV8ZSOWA

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Season 15 Patch Notes Will Decide If Apex Dies Today❗

Season 15 Patch Notes Will Decide If Apex Dies Today❗

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Apex Legends Season 15 Gameplay First Look! (New Map, Catalyst, Patch Notes)

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