Annoy Yourself With This Untitled Goose Game Virtual Desktop Assistant


Annoy Yourself With This Untitled Goose Game Virtual Desktop Assistant

The ’90s are back with this brand-new, free virtual assistant for Windows PCs–but it’s not here to assist you as much as it is here to harass you.

The Mortuary Assistant (FULL GAME)

The Mortuary Assistant’s full version is finally out. let’s get scared
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How to Download and Install Desktop Goose! [New method in description]

New method:
Subscribe *QUACK* or goose will get you. You can download desktop goose for free (or donate to the developer because this is fun(ny)) at

The Goose Has Taken Over My Computer!

✨ Welcome to the world of The Goose! Watch as the Goose takes over my computer! ✨

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Game Theory: Can a Goose DESTROY YOUR LIFE? (Untitled Goose Game)

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Untitled Goose Game is a gem no one anticipated. I’ve seen a few theories floating around about this game but there was one question none of them answered. Is a real life goose smart enough to accomplish what the feathered protagonist of Untitled Goose Game does? Yes, I really want to know. Get your feathers ready, Theorists. Today, we will calculate the IQ of a goose!

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