The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Review — No Objections Here


The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Review — No Objections Here

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles tells one slow, cohesive story that builds to a stellar payoff.

The Internet Loves Ace Attorney Chronicles

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*SPOILERS* The Final Farewell – The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures #59 Recap


Here is the final recap of the The Great Ace Attorney chronicles to see our completion off in style! Just in case you’ve forgotten the revelations in Episode 59 after the escapades.
Thank you to our lovely subscribers and watchers for your continued support! Next up: The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve!!!

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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles: Blind Playthrough with Friends – Part 14

It’s finally here! The folks at Golden Goose Productions are ready to experience an exciting playthrough of the Great Ace Attorney chronicles! If you’re a fan of detective games, crackhead humor, and Danganronpa (but less edgy) then you’ll love this series!

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6 Reasons You Need To Play The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will be coming to PlayStation on July the 27th. So to help you with the wait, Rosie will be sharing 6 reasons why you need to play it!

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