Mega Man Co-Creator Making Spiritual Successor to Mega Man Legends


Mega Man Co-Creator Making Spiritual Successor to Mega Man Legends

Creator Keiji Inafune is kickstarting another game that channels the legacy of the Mega Man series.

How Mega Man 11 Rose from the Ashes of Mighty No 9 | Past Mortem [SSFF]

Mega Man 11 will be Capcom’s first new Mega Man game in almost a damn decade! Our boy is back! But would he have ever returned if Mighty No 9 had actually been a hit? Well, sit back and relax while we get you up to speed on the state of Mighty No. 9, Keiji Inafune and, of course, the blue bomber himself.

More History of Mighty No 9
Part 1: Mighty No 9 Kickstarter Explained
Part 2: Keiji Inafune Breakdown

• Written by Derek Alexander & Grace Kramer
• Shot by Grace Kramer
• Edited by The Sober Dwarf and Derek Alexander

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Delta Gal Review – A Mega Man Legends Inspired Indie Game

Delta Gal is a Mega Man Legends inspired indie game that has a similar gameplay style and world design. You explore the town then travel through the forest and caves.

One other things is that there’s no objective or quest list. It’s pretty easy to figure out where to go though.

Delta-Gal a prototype game that’s been completed and will not be updated. The full game is actually still in development and will be called ZetaGAL!

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The NEW Mega Man Game is for DEGENERATES

So Mega Man X Dive finally launched over here in the West, I’ve been playing it having a pretty fun time until I decided to check out the characters available in the game and… well….. they may have gone a little too hard on the fanservice, but hey I thought it was hilarious so I made a video

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Megaman Legends Fan Remake Gameplay | MMLX

Details of this Fan Project here:

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